• Beautiful Day (Free-style)3:05
  • CANT WAIT 3:54

"DaiTrell has a beautiful voice but not only musically, he is a voice for those that need one as an advocate and life coach, he spreads love to everyone he comes into contact with. My first time seeing DaiTrell on the HOB stage stopped me in my tracks. As I walked out the door for the night, he was singing “If I Were A Boy” (changed to GIRL) by Beyonce and he hit a high note that stopped me dead. I told him that night: get two hours of music together, I want to book you! 5 months later, he was headlining a night on our stage and we offered him a monthly spot."

                                                                                                  - Nina, House of Blues Dallas/Houston GM

Dai'Trell is a very passionate artist! He uses his superb vocal ability to draw the audience into his innermost thoughts and feelings. His willingness to be open and vulnerable on stage makes Dai'Trell a very dynamic and memorable performer!

                        - Sydtheman, Indie Friendly